KISS 5 Summary

January 15, 2008

The episode started with Nui Long and Chun Mei asking Christine about her ideal man. Her answers were tall will dark hair, small eyes, having the scent of a man, bright future, can do everything kind of guy and very manly.  XQ thought of ZS when he sat down opposite her and ask, “The food not good, why are you day dreaming?” XQ was surprise to see ZS there and feel a little insecure.

ZS just turn to gave Christine one look up down and say “HI.” And turn back his attention to XQ. (I love this part. ZS just gave Christine one look up and down and turn away. His look just tells us that he couldn’t care one bit for the girl sitting next to him.)

Christine asks who the man is when Nui Long answers that it is XQ’s husband, lover. Chun Mei said that their relationship is pretty good. ZS ask the girls who the girl is and they explained that she’s an exchange student from England.

ZS just introduced himself nonchalantly. The insecure XQ asks what they are talking about. ZS just smile and said that they are just chatting. XQ grumble that just chatting, how come they are so happy. ZS just smile at his wife knowing what she meant but gave no further explanation to her. he just told XQ that he’s going back to his department.

Christine asks that ZS must have a lot of girls’ admirer. Nui Long said that in the school, ZS is very popular and add that XQ really loves ZS and no one love ZS so much like XQ did. But Christine was not paying attention as she was enjoying her food.

Chun Mei suggested to XQ to take Christine to her father’s restaurant to try out some of the food there.

XQ brought Christine over to her father’s restaurant. Uncle Cai trying out some of his English even Wan Chai can muster out some English. Ah Jin notice that XQ brought back a foreigner and Uncle Cai told him not to scare the girl. When Ah Jin brought the food over, Christine took one look at him and she was smitten. She even drops her chopstick J  When XQ introduces them; Christine was not even paying attention but keeps looking at Ah Jin. When she shakes hand with Ah Jin, she didn’t even want to let go until Ah Jin has to pull his hand from her grasps.

Christine asks XQ who is the guy and began to tell XQ that the guy is her ideal man, the perfect guy. XQ kept asking Christine whether she is sure for she said she is looking for a guy who knows everything. Christine kept telling XQ that Ah Jin is her perfect guy but XQ couldn’t understand her so she kept fanning her face with her two hands and XQ said she’s a bit exaggerating it.

Christine spends the rest of her time there staring at Ah Jin making ah Jin feeling a bit awkward. When Uncle Cai asks XQ whether there’s anything wrong with Christine. XQ said she does not know but she thinks that Christine might have like Ah Jin.

XQ asks Christine to come and eat the food for they are getting cold. Christine said that Ah Jin is so good not the same as the “piggy”. Christine explains that her father has arranged for her marriage with a man back in England but she didn’t want it.

XQ asks whether Christine gat a fiancée back in England and Christine explained that her fiancée is tall, slim and sharp nose and she dislikes him. Ah Jin keeps making faces at Christine.

Wan Chain tries to tell Christine that Ah Jin is her boyfriend but Christine just ignores her. Uncle Cai tries to keep Wan Chai away from Christine.  

 XQ and her friends together with Christine look for Ah Jin. Christine went behind Ah Jin and covers his eyes. When Ah Jin discovers who covers his eyes. He was shock. He pushes Christine out of his counter.

Christine spoke up saying that she likes Ah Jin and whether anyone else likes Ah Jin. When one or two in the crowd put their hands up, she quickly brushes them down. She asks again whether anyone likes Ah Jin and when she did not get any reply, she said that she likes Ah Jin and she wants him to be her boyfriend. XQ and friends were baffled with her straightforwardness and claps their hands. Ah Jin watches in shock and walks out and shouted, “Woi student, whether you understand or not.” When the crowd told Ah Jin not to be so fierce with the pretty girl, XQ and friends also agrees with them, Ah Jin was speechless. Ah Jin said that words should not be said like that, he likes girls that are good in Chinese embroidery, flower arrangement, cooking and taking care of small child and tell Christine not to day dreaming. (All that XQ is not … look at XQ’s expression) Christine asks how he knew that she cannot do all that. Christine told Ah Jin that she will be able to do all that then she planted a kiss on his cheek and place her head on his shoulder. The crowd cheers to the shock Ah Jin. He then goes on mumbling.


The next scene showing Christine trying her best to woo Ah Jin. She learns Chinese embroidery and shows it to Ah Jin. She wishes to embroidery two pillows, one for him and one fore her but Ah Jin just ignore her. Christine shows him her flower arrangement but was scolded by Ah Jin but she went around helping him with his work. Christine shows Ah Jin the cake she bake but Ah Jin refuse to eat it even Wan Chai tried to stop Christine from getting to Ah Jin.

XQ look for Ah Jin and told ah Jin that Christine’s cooking is getting better and better. Ah Jin started to complains and tell XQ that Christine’s cooking is very bad describing in detail how bad it was. XQ just smile and said that at least he eaten her food and didn’t realized that he takes notice of her cooking. Ah Jin tried to explain that he is giving his opinion as a chef.

Jiang Mama and XQ took Christine trying out some cheongsam so Christine wears one flowery cheongsam to let Ah Jin sees. XQ tried to get Ah Jin to see Christine and tell him to stop work. XQ told Ah Jin that so many people look at Christine when they were coming to the canteen. Ah Jin said there is nothing to see. Her legs are too long. Wearing like that is not the same as a Chinese girl who would look sweet in it. A foreigner who wears a cheongsam does mean that she can be a Chinese. Ah Jin tells her to stop her antics.

Christine was hurt by Ah Jin’s remarks turns and walks away. XQ was upset with Ah Jin. XQ scolds Ah Jin that she doesn’t get him. Christine has done so much for him. Because of him, she has learned embroidery, cooking, flower arrangement etc till her hands hurt but she is still happy. If she knows that it is going to be like this, XQ should tell Christine to go back to her fiancée rather than staying in Taiwan for a heartless guy. XQ told Ah Jin that he is not worth it. Upon hearing what XQ had said, Ah Jin ran out to look for Christine. (Awww….)

Christine Fiance

The next scene, a guy looks the same as ZS but only in red hair looking for Christine. Christine who was upset with Ah Jin remarks bumps into this man and realizes that it is her fiancée from England that has come to look for her. he tried to get her to come back to England with her but she refuses. Ah Jin stops the guy and got the shock of his life when the guy looks like ZS. When Evan, the fiancé from England told Ah Jin that he is Christine’s fiancé. Christine just kisses Ah Jin on the lips. Ah Jin just fainted. Evan could not believe that Christine kisses Ah Jin. Christine told Evan that Ah Jin is the guy she likes and she will only marry Ah Jin or she will not marry. XQ can to help Christine and fainted Ah Jin.

They took Ah Jin to the school’s clinic. Christine stays by his side to take care of him. XQ came in to tell her not to worry that Ah Jin fainted because he was so tired. Christine asks XQ whether she has seen anyone so handsome like Ah Jin. XQ was speechless but she remembers Christine’s fiancé from England. XQ said that he looks like ZS and Christine agrees. Christine said that she does not know why she picks ZS who has big head, a lot of hair, body that is so slim, does not like to smile, different from Ah Jin. XQ disagree and said that ZS is handsome and genius and there’s a lot of girls in school that likes him. Christine said that XQ’s view of men is bad and XQ argue back that Christine’s view of man is bad. Then they started arguing. Ah Jin who has awakened was caught in between the argument dare not to open his eyes.

After a moment of arguing, both broke out in laughter and make up with a hug. Ah Jin who does not understand one moment the girls would argue and another moment make up.

Christine took XQ for a nice meal thanking her for taking care of her and also helping her with Ah Jin and told XQ to eat as much as she can.

At home XQ was lying on the bed with a bad stomach ache. ZS just came back and told her that he will have gone away for 3 days. XQ said that it is good that he has even plan out his future. ZS said that XQ should also think about what she’s going to do after graduation since she’s not going to be a teacher. Then he notice that she’s not feeling that well. XQ said that she does not know for her stomach ache a little and she felt like vomiting. ZS asks whether her stomach ache and she nodded. He told her to stick out her tongue so he can take a look and he pushes around her stomach to pin point where her pain is. He asks her whether she ate anything today. XQ said that she ate together with Christine. ZS said that maybe it is just indigestion and making her feeling uncomfortable. If she awaken tomorrow and she still pain, she should take a rest and go a see a doctor.

The next day, JMM found XQ vomiting in the bathroom. Later she found XQ again vomiting the whole day. She told XQ that she will cook something for her but XQ ask whether there’s anything sour that she can take. JMM jumps into conclusion that XQ’s pregnant and ask XQ whether she has her period. XQ told her that her period is a few days late. In her excitement she quickly told her husband who was equally excited. 

When XQ got to school, Nui Long and Chun Mei came to congratulate her. Apparently the whole school knew about it. JMM has put up a huge notice in the school board. Some students were happy for her but some other students were gossiping that this is going to affect ZS.  XQ was not happy after listening to their gossip.

Ah Jin was upset with the news and he was walking in a daze. The woman he loves is going to be a mother and he is not the father and though he know that he has to face this fact in the future but he never thought that it is going to be that fast. Nui Long and Chun Mei told Ah Jin that XQ and Zs has already husband and wife and in a marriage there should be a baby. Ah Jin told them he is so painful knowing that fact and he hates ZS but the baby in XQ’s stomach is half XQ, so the baby will be as cute as XQ so he cannot dislike the baby. Ah Jin told XQ that he is still painful but he wishes them his blessing and he turns around to piggy back XQ.

When XQ got back home, she’s on the phone with Ah Jin who’s still worry about XQ. XQ found that no one is at home so she went to the baby’s room. XQ, thinking to herself, that she never imagines that it would be so fast but she wishes that her baby looks like ZS. She wonders whether ZS would help her taking care of baby. She then imagines having a whole bunch of kids with ZS. She said that the feeling is good and she is feeling very blissful happy.

JMM came back with a whole bunch of clothes for girl. JPP and YS came back with a whole bunch of toys and clothes for boy. They end up arguing whether the baby should be a girl or boy. JMM wants a girl and JPP told her that his lineage that all the first born should be a boy. Uncle Cai came back in the midst of their argument and they tried to get Uncle Cai to their side. They end up making a bet with each other to see whether XQ’s baby is a boy or girl. Uncle Cai came back with some soup for XQ. Uncle Cai said that a pregnant woman should take care of her body. Uncle Cai bought XQ a breast pump. He didn’t know what to do with it and ask XQ and XQ told him that she didn’t know either. He went to JMM to ask her how to use the pump.

YS came to tell XQ that is she needs any help, she can look for him and he really meant it. XQ told her baby that everyone is so concern about both of them. She told the baby to be healthily grown. XQ said that she is anticipating the baby’s appearances. This is her and ZS small baby.

ZS came back and saw his mom’s note in front of the house. He rang the bell twice and went in. Once inside, both his parents and Uncle Cai prepare a surprise for him. ZS asks what they are up to. JMM asks whether he still didn’t know.  ZS said he didn’t know anything. JMM looks for XQ to tell ZS. XQ said that she’s pregnant. ZS straight ask whether she has pregnancy check up. XQ said she has not. JMM said that according to her experience she is not wrong. ZS said whether what does the doctor said. XQ said she has not gone to the doctor but since JMM said that she is pregnant, so she thinks that also. ZS asks whether his mother is better than doctor.  JMM said that she has given birth to 2 children, so she got experience. ZS walks into the living room with the names stick on the wall. XQ said that the 4th name was chosen by her. Everyone must pick one name. 1st was chosen by Uncle Cai for a boy. JPP also chose a name for a boy. JMM chose a name for a girl for she wants a girl. XQ chose a name that represent both ZS and her. ZS asks suddenly for the time and the three parents said that it is 4.10pm. Zs said that they still could make it and took XQ hands and drags her out. The parents ask where they are going; ZS just turns and said “Hospital.”

In the hospital, ZQ asks ZS if she really is pregnant, how he would think. ZS said that he would answer her when the result is out.

The doctor told XQ that she is not pregnant only her stomach is not feeling well. He told her not to be sad for she is still young and they just got married. They can try again. Relax and very soon she can get pregnant. She felt something in her stomach and asks the doctor for the toilet.

ZS was watching babies when XQ came out from the ladies.

XQ: ZS, the doctor said that my stomach is not well and my period just came. So … so sorry I have made a mistake.

ZS: You have made a mistake? I have guessed so earlier.

XQ: I am really sorry. I am so daze. I am sorry.

XQ began to cry and ZS just look at her and smile.

ZS: You are really something. Didn’t see the doctor yet already make yourself until like this. If want to blame, just blame mum. When I left that morning, I didn’t really saw your conditions so I know something is not right.

XQ: How do we tell them then?

ZS: Don’t have meant don’t have. How do you want to tell them then?

ZS just patted his wife head and walk away.

(This is the part that I didn’t like. ZS let XQ goes into the doctor’s room to get the result herself. This experience is as much a part of him as it is for XQ. I don’t really get ZS sometime. I think the news about the pregnancy is too much for him to take it at this stage and his age. How could he let XQ face the doctor alone and after hearing that she is not pregnant, she has to break the news to him and above all she has to apologize! I think XQ is emotionally detached from ZS at that moment.)

At home, the parents are busy celebrating. They even pop champagne only to find out that XQ is not pregnant. ZS just blur it out and look at his mother and told her that she has mistaken and XQ is not pregnant. JMM is so disappointed and kept apologizing and saying that she has mistaken. XQ tried to comfort her mother in law. Both the fathers tried to comfort both JMM and XQ.  ZS took a gulp of the champagne as if he is trying to drown his sorrow. And said that he don’t get how both of them calculate. Next time when they got it right then only celebrate. He walks up the stairs look tired and down. (I like this scene. It shows the humane side of ZS. I think the news of the mistaken pregnancy just sinks in and he is disappointed as XQ and JMM did).

ZS & XQ in Tent 1ZS & XQ in Tent 2

XQ got a lot of mails all for ZS from his admirer. XQ was not happy with all the mails and ZS said that he is upset with him also no use when he does not know the senders. XQ said that he must have treated some girls very nice that they got some ideas. ZS turns around and ask whether XQ got some mails as well. XQ said that she had and ZS added that it must be from Ah Jin, Nui Long and Chun Mei and also Hao Qian. XQ is so upset with ZS that she pushes him aside so she can sit on his seat. ZS was so happy annoying his wife. JMM tease both of them. JMM told XQ not to worry; she will send 10 mails to her. ZS just look at both of them and shook his head.

XQ thought that even she as his wife by his side, ZS still got admirers. XQ wishes that …


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